Waste water Treatment LCPC has built professional sewage technology and know-how through its 20
years experience in treating waste water from its paper making process. This technique has made Zhejiang Long Chen mandated by the local authorities to handle the waste water treatment operation of livelihood and industrial operation in the Dushan Port Development Zone of Pinghu City since year 2007.
  Business contacts: Supervisor ZHU WEI   Tel:+86 573 8581 0999 #139   
Dushan Harbor District Environmental Protection Technology Co., a company
owned by Zhejiang Long Chen Paper, deal with waste water 50,000 tones
everyday and provide the services as followings:
  To make the outflow measurement of waste water meet the government’s
standard after its process.
  Consultancy of Waste Water Operation
  Sales Agent of waste water treatment equipments
Wuxi waste water treatment plant deals with waste water on a daily capacity
of 25,000 tons, the recognitions are granted as following:
  2007 “Paper making waste water treatment patent”issued by the State
Intelligence Property Office of P.R.C. “Water Saving Enterprise” awarded by the Construction Department of Jiangsu Province.
  2006 Passed“Clean Production” inspection by Wuxi Environmental
Protection Bureau and gained economic award 13 millions.
  2002 Awarded “ Advance in Environment Protections” by Wuxi City
Environmental Protection
Erlin waste water treatment plant deals with waste water on a daily capacity
of 9,000 tons, our achievements are as following:
  LCPC is the first producer to recycle biosludge from waste water.
  Reduce over 50% water usage in the paper making by this sewage