Containerboard ProductsSet up large-scale paper mills in Erlin Taiwan, Wuxi Jiangsu, and
Pinghu Zhejiang. LCPC possesses competitive advantage as follow:
  Superior Quality: a leading position in containerboard quality with over 30 years manufacturing Know-How.
  Technology Innovation: recognized as high-tech enterprise and owns some patents.
  Customer Service: providing long term and reliable service to gain client’s satisfaction,trust and partnership.
  Logistic management: one contact with flexible delivery from any of our factory by customer’s request.
  Quality and Environmental Protection:All paper mills are certificated by ISO9001 and ISO14001(Quality
and Environmental Management System).
Liner Board
Grade Description Base weight Burst index
BA Kraft-iner A 170~260 g /㎡ 3.1↑
B1 Ultra-strength B 160~200 g /㎡ 2.6↑
B2 High-strength B 170~200 g /㎡ 2.2↑
B3 Custom-made B 145~220 g /㎡ 1.6↑
B4 Standard B 130~340 g /㎡ 1.6↑
Corrugated Mediumr
Grade Description Base weight Ringcrush
M1 Ultra-Strength
180~200 g /㎡ 33↑
M2 Ultra-Strength 180~200 g /㎡ 33↑
M3 Custom-made A 100~215 g /㎡ 7.0~30
M4 Standard A 100~215 g /㎡ 7.0~30
Business contacts
  China Wuxi Long Chen:
Sale Manager Wang, Shih Chang  
Sale Manager Qian, Zhen Yu   
Tel:+886 4 896 2111 #600
Tel:+86 510 8331 6666 #600
  China Pinghu Long Chen:
Sale Manager Qian, Zhen Yu  
Tel:+86 573 8681 0999 #582
  China Hubei Long Chen:
Sale Manager Wu, Heui Shin  
Tel:+86 716 679 0888 #160